Bamboo Fabric: an Eco-friendly Antibacterial and Antifungal Fabric

Posted on: March 13, 2013David

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Bamboo fabric has been gaining popularity as an eco friendly choice over the past few years, and those singing its praises often focus on the benefits of how the plant is grown –it regenerates itself incredibly quickly, meaning it requires very little water- and no pesticides or chemicals – to grow, which in turn means less pollution and a healthier environment for workers.

Fans of bamboo fabric are also eager to point out that the plant it is harvested from is a different species to the one eaten by the giant panda, meaning it doesn’t affect the animal’s food source.

But one of the biggest eco benefits of using bamboo fabric is that it’s biodegradable – that is that it will, over time, be broken down naturally by bacteria into components which will be absorbed back into the Earth. To understand why bamboo fabric is biodegradable, it’s necessary to look at the structure of its fibres. Because bamboo is a natural cellulose fibre, it will biodegrade over a period of years through a combination of bacteria and sunshine.

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This process means that bamboo breaks down without causing pollution in a landfill site, unlike some other fabrics. However, whilst the fact that bamboo is biodegradable does make it an appealing eco option, fans of the fabric feel that its durability and long life span are actually more beneficial, as this results in less waste overall. Bamboo has a property known as ‘bamboo kun’, which makes it naturally antibacterial and antifungal.

The structure of the fibres also means it is great at wicking away sweat from the skin. The result of this is that bamboo fabric needs to be washed less often which means that products made from it are more durable, last longer, and therefore result in less waste. This is partly why bamboo towels and bamboo bedding have become so popular.

This combination of biodegradability and durability means that bamboo isn’t just better at breaking down once it has become waste, but also takes longer to get there in the first place!

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